Monday, December 31, 2007

Pyramid Saimira Theater ltd

Pyramid Saimira Theater ltd -- Entertainment & Beyond....

PSTL belongs to Entertainment Industry (Starting with Exhibition Industry) & ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services)

PSTL is currently the only Theatre Chain Company having presence in all categories of theatres including Malls, Multiplexes, Cine-plexes, & Standalone theatres. PSTL has acquired / has been acquiring Theatres on long lease / ownership and improves the infrastructure to bring at par with world-class standards to offer high quality viewing experience.

PSTL is setting up an integrated Network Operating Center (NOC) which will convert films into Digital, Transmit these films using Satellite medium to various theatres across India in a secured encryption mode. Using Digital rights management PSTL will exhibit the films and other contents in digital mode without physical film prints. This will save Rs.60,000 - Rs.70,000 (approximately USD 1.45K) per movie per theatre and approximately save Rs.20.00 Lakhs(USD 45K) per theatre per annum.

PSTL converts existing theatres into Digital. This conversion has started from Theatres at B & C class centers, which enables new film release at these centers too, without Film print cost. This will also effectively kill Pirated CD market as new films can be released across many places simultaneously, which are not the case today.

Digital theatres will also function as delivery medium for other entertainment content, as well as educational centers including video conferencing, virtual class rooms etc. One can see Cricket match live, have refresher course, say medical entrance exam in these theatres.

PSTL is positioning a standardized process management for Exhibition segment and this Digitalization and centralization of various facilities will enable the company to Franchise out a standard model to B and C category centers for additional exploitation of content.
The presence of having a wide infrastructure with points of presence across all consumption points will enable PSTL to offer value added services like retail points, advertisement promos, etc. and open up multiple revenue streams.

The company has already created and operating a theatre chain of approximately 126 theatres. The company has done deep background work and has also got trained manpower to add in its network one theatre a day.

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