Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bartronics India Ltd

Bartronics India Ltd


Bartronics is a Hyderabad based company that started with providing solutions in Bar Coding, one of the oldest AIDC technologies, RFID, POS, Smart Cards working as AIDC division, RFID division, Smart Card Division and Retail-IT division in separate.

Bartronics is well placed to capture the new opportunities provided by the requirements of the industry and specific applications within an industry with respect to the AIDC/RFID/Retail/Smart Cards related initiatives.

Company Insight:

Bartronics India Limited (Bartronics) enables businesses to gain real-time visibility, control and information through the effective evaluation, implementation, integration and support of Automatic Identification & Data Capture (AIDC) technologies, RFID, Smart Cards and Point of Sale (POS) solutions.


Smart Cards
Bar Codes
Point of Sale


Handheld Terminals

Latest Quarterly Results:

The company reported a 260.82 per cent increase in net profit to Rs 16.42 crore and 309.9 per cent surge in net sales in Q4 March 2008 over Q4 March 2007.

Shareholding pattern:

Foreign Holdings - 23.17
Govt. / Financial Institutions - 7.65
Corporate Bodies(not covered above) - 7.51
Directors and their Relatives - 38.94
Other including Indian Public - 22.6


Unknown said...

Bartronics is a very good company with strong growth prospects. Best stock for long term investors.

trimula said...

Promotor holding including corporates has come down form 36% to 26.9 % and out of this 60% of the shares are under pledge for working capital needs. ( 49.9 Lakh shares under pledge). The average price of pledge is around rs 190 . Suppose the share price goes down further to Rs 140/- , the lenders will sell the shares in open market as margins will not be sufficient and the scenario of Sathyam Computers may repeat. Please make a study by yourself as the data is available with BSE , NSE and company website .

trimula said...

Prmotors repeating INDUS NETWORKS FOR BARTRONICS. Investors be aware that all unknown small Pvt ltd companies are taking postions in the company as promotors which will give the actual promotors Sujana group & family a free exit for all the wrong doing just like Nagarjuna Finance